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A 25 year old research scholar pursuing Master's degree in Horticulture. I belong to Amritsar-the holiest city of the Sikhs, located in the North Indian state of Punjab. I feel good to be a Jatt Sikh from the clan of Dhillon's. Being a Sikh I am an open-minded, secular person. Currently pursuing Master's degree program at Khalsa College Amritsar ,one of the Oldest & Premier educational institutions of North India. I studied for the B.Sc Agriculture (Hons.) degree from same institution. I have a good friends circle and always keen to make new friends. My resume can be accessed here....



I have varied interests from reading books to collecting coins & stamps. I like to learn new things and work on my computer in my spare time. Photography is one of my exclusive hobbies. In my leisure time I also pursue my professional hobby -Gardening. I like to read folk tales, crime thrillers and fictions. Apart from being an avid reader, I have keen interest in movies-action & science fiction based. An active working member of Rotaract (Youth wing of Rotary International).


My father is a doctor specializing in Ophthalmology and Senior Consultant at Medical College. My Mother is a Principal in a Govt. School. I have one brother who is doing degree in Engineering & a sister studying to be a doctor. We are a small and closely knit family.  

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I have many friends around the globe but those who are close to me are: Gaurav, Sachin, Krishna, Gurdeep, Manmeet, Arun, Pawan, Mohit, Anurag, Bharat, Tejdeep and many other batch mates of school and College times.  

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